Wah! Wah! Wah!

“Once upon a time” as most fairy tales start, there was a zeitgeist in America of doing good and being the “good guys”. Most people took pride in living honorably and in doing for others.

We all remember the cartoon about the Boy Scout that was so desperate to do a good deed that he walked an old woman across the street against her will. Such was the expectation for good citizenship in the community that the Scout saw an opportunity to do a good deed where none in fact existed. What the heck happened?

The persecuted Christian right wing is now wreaking havoc from the Supreme Court on the rest of us. The “righteous few” are doling out decisions for us everyday Americans who just want to muddle through our daily lives without the fear of our children being shot while they’re at what should be the safest spot in the world for them.

Now admittedly we had our fears as school children in my day. We hid under our desks to enhance our survival from nuclear attack. The likelihood of that attack was minuscule compared to the likelihood of being shot by an aggrieved shooter in today’s world. An aggrieved shooter that can’t get the mental health services he needs because “the money’s just not there,” but can buy a military weapon the same day he has his mental break, no questions asked.

More school children have been killed so far this year than on duty police officers. Let that sink in for a minute and ask yourself why the Supreme Court would tell the states they can’t regulate guns in their states. Juxtapose that ruling for FREEDUMB! against the very narrow view of freedom when evaluating a woman’s right to choose when to start a family. Somewhere in there the “right to life” has gotten muddled. It seems “forced birth” has become equated to a right to life, and the right to life is how well you can dodge a bullet.

In my twisted convoluted Judaeo-Christian belief system I’ve equated the Golden Rule as the only tenet I need to embrace. I should do unto others as I would want done unto me. I don’t want the court system telling me I don’t have control over my own body. That’s a bridge way too far.

If I don’t want the courts telling me I have to get a vasectomy or produce seed for a generation of super Americans, I should respect the rights of the female population to not have a group of religious zealots doing their thinking for them with regard to family planning. If they can tell you you have to have a baby, they can tell you which sex is acceptable.

As pointed out before, the absolute buy in of the mother is a prerequisite for me to the birth of a child. The state’s needs for children should not be part of the equation. Family planning shouldn’t be a consideration for future armies, or altar boys.

Not so for Justice Amy Cony Barrett. It seems that the gentle prevaricator outlined the shortage of children for adoption in her opinion of Roe vs. Wade. While commendable that she has adopted children of other races and with special needs, does she have the right to force her beliefs on the rest of us? I think not. The Constitution used to be pretty clear on the right of privacy.

Does Uncle Clarence have the right to finally get even with “the libs” after being subjected to their heretical viewpoints of freedom? Apparently he thinks so. It will be interesting to see his take on Loving vs. Virginia when it comes before the court. I may misunderestimate him. Ruling that blacks and whites can’t marry might have been his game plan all along to avoid a costly divorce from Ginni.

The wah, wah, wah, you hear is the unloved babies about to be born and those of us who remember when empathy for others was a thing. A Christian thing.

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