Little Church in the Valley

Follow the lives, loves and customs of an isolated community in the north Georgia mountains. Former football star, now senior church Elder, Buster Cheatle attempts to thread the needle between legal and ethical as he tries to keep the church viable for its devoted followers.


  • This novel introduced me to the world of snake handling while making me laugh, which is an impressive feat. The author pokes fun at the excesses and hypocrisies of some aspects of religion while creating characters and crafting a plot that propel the narrative, pulling readers along for the ride.
  • Don’t let the title fool you. This is a brilliant and insightful satire that explores the business of religion. I’m a big fan of satire (and parody), so someone recommended this book to me. I’m so glad they did. I’m only vaguely familiar with the Pentecostal religion and have looked at it—and snake handling—as a curious novelty, much in the same way I look at flat earthers.
  • Writing with his signature wit and an unforgettable voice, Ty Keenum has written an engaging and entertaining story that I absolutely loved.
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