“Dreams,” is a poignant short story penned by an older author whose own life eerily mirrors the tragic narrative, delves deep into the realms of shattered dreams, betrayal, and the perilous descent into madness. The tale unfolds with a melancholic charm, exploring the blurred lines between fiction and reality as it chronicles the life of its protagonist, a seasoned writer who faces a series of devastating setbacks.


  • It is so well written, and once I started reading, I absolutely could not stop. Excellent!
  • Readers who have no personal experience with the book publishing industry might think that some of the events of this story seem outlandish . . . or that the shady publisher described on these pages is too unscrupulous to be believable. Those of us who’ve shared the author’s publishing experience know otherwise. Whether or not this is familiar territory to you, it’s a fast-paced and engrossing read.
  • Very fun read and I highly recommend this book.
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