St. George And The Dragon

I’ve been mystified by how the right wing media is able to just outrageously lie to their public and keep a straight face about. Tucker Carlson is one who floats to the top, if I’m allowed a bit of bathroom humor. So I did a deep dive on the “Tuck Man” to see if I could figure out what was in his roots that created a such a schism with the truth. Seems Tuck Man went to a private school in Rhode Island where he wound up marrying the daughter of the headmaster. The school is called St. Georges. Google says St. Georges is a “private, Episcopal and coeducational boarding school in Middletown, Rhode Island”. The school lists its street address as 372 Purgatory Rd.

Now I hate to rip off somebody else’s catch phrase, but the address does put me in mind of Bill Engvall’s, “Here’s Your Sign”. I mean, it you were dropping your kids off at the school where they would be basically living full time, wouldn’t the word “purgatory” throw you off a bit? It’s kind of like moving into the “Abandon Hope” trailer park. Not that the name can be used as an excuse for aberrant behavior. To me, there’s just way too much irony involved, and I never thought of the Episcopalians as a particularly ironic lot.

So, it turns out the school was charging folks $56,000 a year during the 70’s and 80’s to fondle, abuse, rape and take nude photographs of their children. Allegedly. According to reports, the investigation has uncovered at least seven perpetrators who are still alive and could be charged with crimes. The alleged crimes were never reported to authorities until the Fall of 2015. The report only surfaced because of the lawsuits brought by over a dozen former students. It is so sad for folks to have to wait forty years to get some sort of relief from the people who were supposed to be their protectors and mentors. I’m thinking at least tuition times ten per year of attendance should get the ball rolling.

In a twisted side note, I have always referred to Episcopalians as Catholics Lite. Episcopalians have a lot of the same drama and rituals involved in their worship as the Catholics. It appears that protecting child abusers was part of the similarities shared by the two religions. None of the alleged perpetrators in the St. George case were reported to the police. Even when the administration had evidence of their misdeeds and terminated their employment, the school protected their own reputation by not reporting the abusers to the police. Sound familiar? The only thing missing in this case from completing the Catholic trifecta was quietly transferring the abuser to another diocese so they could continue the perversion on another group of kids. Thank goodness St. Georges didn’t have another school they could quietly transfer their pervs to.

What’s in a name? The real Saint George was a wealthy Roman soldier who was arrested for not renouncing his faith and agreeing to worship Roman Gods. He was tortured many, many times, but he would not recant his beliefs. One torture session even included being lacerated on a wheel of swords, but George held fast. Eventually, George was executed by decapitation. He never renounced his beliefs or his moral code. High standards indeed for a school, or “journalist” to live up to.

Reading the story of the real St. George has given me hope for the Tuck Man. Maybe one day he’ll have a moment of clarity and denounce everything he has lied so assiduously about to atone for his sins. Maybe he’ll have his Jimmy Swaggert moment on live TV and become a productive member of society. Maybe pigs will grow wings. Maybe.

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