Have You No Sense Of Decency, Sir, At Long Last?

With all of the recent folderol about fraudulent elections and how we can just stomp our feet and make something not so, I watched with extra care the actions of our three new Trump appointed Supreme Court justices.

Amy Coney Barrett makes the 6th Supreme Court justice of the Catholic faith sitting on the highest court in our land. Catholics represent about 20 percent of the general population in the U.S. For some reason the Catholic faith is represented by two thirds of the judges on the Supreme Court bench. Talk about court-stacking.

While the courts, particularly the Supreme Court are suppose to cast personal opinions and beliefs aside to apply the law, it appears to be easier said than done. One of the most controversial issues facing the current set of justices is the movement from several states to abolish abortion for any reason.

The “no abortion for any reason” proposal doesn’t recognize the age of the woman, or cases of incest, rape or danger to the mother. If the woman (age 12 to 82) is able to conceive, she would be legally bound to deliver the baby and do “whatever” with it after birth. These lawsuits are always brought by conservative groups who want to shape the rest of the world to their way of thinking.

If we ignore the fairness of the policy for a second we can deal with the most obvious flaw as far as conservatism is concerned. The prisons are full of unloved, unwanted children who became society’s misfits. Why would Conservatives ever want to create future drains on society? The concept seems antithetical to Conservative views. It costs $31,000 a year to house a convict in the U.S.

To say that a woman (age 12 to 82) must give birth is so blatantly unfair to the woman that she might just as well live in Afghanistan where she could have her nose cut off for going to school. If we can’t see the folly of the policy for the financial implications on society alone, can we at least tap our internal empathy and agree that we don’t want the state to regulate our reproductive organs?

I always ask myself the question of how these ultra righteous Republicans like Brett Kavanaugh would react if the shoe was on their foot. What if he had a daughter that was raped or the victim of incest? What if she begged her daddy to not have the child, how would he respond? If his daughter begged to not have her options in life curtailed by an action that she had no control over, how would he respond? Would he send her to the Sisters of Magdalene to keep their little “secret” secret? Would he insist that they keep the child and raise it as their own?

Justice Kavanaugh might be a man of his convictions and force his daughter to give birth, if so, I give him points for not being a hypocrite. That said, I would also say he is one mean black-hearted son of a bitch. Children raising children is not a condition we should ever be faced with. Children born into homes where they are unwanted or unloved is not a condition we should ever be faced with.

So I say to the male members of the Supreme Court and the one female whose patriarchal religion clouds her vision, “Have You No Sense Of Decency, Sir, At Long Last?” Can we all agree that a women’s right to determine whether she is ready for motherhood resides with the woman?

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