Sorry Seems To Be The Hardest Word

In case y’all missed this little news item amidst the kerfuffle of overthrowing our government; since the Insurrection over 30,000 Republicans have de-registered with the party. Small number in the grand scheme of things, but at least those people took the most outward action they could that didn’t involve violence to show their dissatisfaction with the Trump party.

As Impeachment 2.0 begins I’m amazed at how often the Donald called on his minions to breach their citizenship in pursuit of installing a petty dictator. You can Google for the speech, or watch any news show for five minutes and they’ll give you snippets. I watched/listened to the whole thing, stem to stern. If you take out the dog whistles it was typical Donald babble, “I am the victim” drivel. But, the dog whistles were there along with the outright seditious call to arms emanating from Rudy, Don Jr. and that nut lawyer from Atlanta. The Donald’s subtle? reference to “stopping the steal” may have not been as incendiary as the other speakers, but the other speakers didn’t carry the mantle of POTUS.

It’s sad that my ears may have become insensitive to the Donald. Hyperbole has always been the Donald’s Achilles heel. I personally believe both of his feet are made of clay, but I might be judging him too realistically. I’m hopeful that the people going over the Insurrection tapes, videos and emails will use a fine-toothed comb looking for the guilty and not become numb to the blather. Words matter, no matter how sleight the inflection.

The Donald has repeatedly said that he doesn’t have time for Political Correctness. Really it’s the ability to empathize with someone who didn’t grow up with all of the advantages he has had. Political Correctness is that catch all phrase that keeps us from calling people that are different/not white the myriad of names we’ve developed for them over the years.

The Republicans have got a bigger problem with the Donald than Political Correctness. He appeals to the Ronald Reagan, give me a sound bite, make me feel better that I was born in America, totally clueless lemmings that just want to feel good about their accomplishment of having being born in the U.S.A. I know these people, they surround me. One of the nuttiest ones is a congress person from my state who is apparently an accomplice to the Insurrection.

These are the people who when their world crashes around them take solace in the fact that at least God made them White. These people are unconcerned that ninety-nine per cent of the promises made to them by their autocratic leaders will never come to fruition because they’re either illegal, completely impractical, or both. They just want to hear how the “Other” is the problem. Oh and they also don’t want a Hispanic to have a nicer looking yard than they do, even if he works harder at it.

The Republicans have got to figure a way to get the Donald to stop fomenting revolution so that the party can keep his followers eligible to vote. The Republicans can’t win without them. But, the Donald can’t keep pulling back the curtain revealing the true heart and soul of the Republican party or the Republicans will lose the reasonable rational people that call themselves Republicans. Party leaders know that if they cut him lose and he runs as an Independent, they’ve handed the election to the Democrats. If they keep him in the fold but can’t control his message, it may spell the end of the party. It’s not a hard choice if ethics, morality and patriotism actually matter.

The Donald let his arrogance get the better of him in his Capitol speech. If his minions had killed some congress people, maybe a Vice President, I believe his coup would still have been unsuccessful. Without the military behind him the coup would have failed. As it did. It seems dumb, but there is one thing that the Republican party can do now to ameliorate the damage that the Donald has done.

Actually, there’s a one word solution to this problem, I use it all of the time. Sorry. Then act like you mean it.

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