The Coincidence of Birth

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“The Coincidence of Birth” is a collection of short stories by North Carolina native and nationally recognized writer Ty Keenum. Keenum’s personal journey began in the mountains of North Carolina with residence stopovers in Florida, Texas, and finally  culminating in Atlanta, Georgia. Like the author, the story’s settings wind throughout the southland from the mountains of West Virginia to the Gulf coast of Florida, the furniture markets of North Carolina and culminates in of all places, the White House.

The stories’ themes are as disparate as the locations and cover an extensive variety of human conditions and circumstances. All circumstances that were put into play by “The Coincidence of Birth.” 


  • This collection of short stories has something for nearly every kind of reader, unless they don’t like humor, satire, well-turned phrases, and interesting characters.
  • Keenum is a master wordsmith who has constructed a narrative that keeps the reader turning the page.
  • Keenum uses an appealing mixture of both subtle and laugh out loud humor to tell this story of a faltering church and its board of Elders facing tough decisions for their old church in a new world. Besides the writing— which is just plain entertaining— the story arc kept me engaged from start to finish.



“Dreams,” a poignant short story penned by an older author whose own life eerily mirrors the tragic narrative, delves deep into the realms of shattered dreams, betrayal, and the perilous descent into madness. The tale unfolds with a melancholic charm, exploring the blurred lines between fiction and reality as it chronicles the life of its protagonist, a seasoned writer who faces a series of devastating setbacks.