The Coincidence of Birth

This collection of short stories’ settings wind throughout the southland from the mountains of West Virginia to the Gulf coast of Florida, the furniture markets of North Carolina and culminates in of all places, the White House.The stories’ themes are as disparate as the locations and cover an extensive variety of human conditions and circumstances. All circumstances that were put into play by “The Coincidence of Birth.” 


  • A highly enjoyable book of short stories that are engaging and entertaining. Keenum has such a distinct writing voice and unique way with words. He makes you laugh, then makes you think. I’m a huge fan of everything he writes and these stories were no exception. Though you’ll want to turn the pages quickly, take the time to savor each setting and story.
  • This book of short stories has something for everyone and each finely crafted story, although different in flavor, completely held my interest. When I would start a chapter, I could not put the book down and leave a story unfinished. Some were funny, others not so much, some satirical, and all were compelling. The final story, perhaps my favorite, contained thinly veiled satire that left me laughing out loud. This is a book that I will revisit again and again.
  • I absolutely loved Keenum’s Little Church series, so it’s no surprise that I found these short stories highly entertaining and enjoyable. With a keen wit and profound storytelling talent, Keenum spins stories about politics, relationships, and sticking it to the big guys. Fives star plus some.
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