Killer in the Capitol

Comes the news this week, just in time to reflect on all of the things that we have to be thankful for, that the Republican party is planning on trading on Kyle Rittenhouse’s celebrity as a stone-cold killer to further their stranglehold on the right-wing nut jobs.

Talk about a “match made in heaven.” This is the party that pontificates that had Jesus had an AR15 he would not have been crucified. Their theory depreciates the fact that Jesus died for our sins, a tenet of their deeply held Christian views. The Republicans are willing to let our salvation be delayed to have one more shot at owning the libs. Like so many other issues that would be meaningful to help the “every man,” the Republicans choose to run off on tangents to avoid helping to eliminate any of the problems that they ran their campaigns on.

In the five points of major concern for the newly anointed keepers of Democracy, none of them concern “we the people.” No Social Security, no Women’s Rights, no Healthcare, no DACA, no Respect for Marriage Act, just the same old tar and feather the other guy and hope that your constituents are more concerned with getting a pound of flesh rather than the price of a pound of hamburger.

How is an investigation of Hunter Biden’s laptop going to bring down inflation? How will investigating the Afghanistan withdrawal, which the Donald set the timeline for, bring down the crime rates in the U.S.? How will investigating the Department of Justice’s right to recover stolen documents from Mar-A-Lago impact the Republicans proving their claims of widespread election fraud?

The Republicans have long displayed their preference for knee-jerk reactionism to reality. Allow me to display the latest knee-jerk:

Grinning like a pair of simians that are about to mow down a flock of doves with unregistered automatic weapons, KR and MTG as they are known to the members of their respective Klaverns, are caught celebrating MTG’s introduction of a bill to award KR the legislative branch’s highest award, the Congressional Gold Medal. No, really, MTG wants KR to be recognized for his lifetime achievement of killing innocent citizens. God only knows what she’s got planned for Jeffrey Dahmer.

We can only speculate that MTG’s bill was an attempt to not be outdone by her brother in crazy, Matt Gaetz. Gaetz has floated the proposal that KR would be a welcome addition to his staff. Intern today, inquisitor tomorrow. Who wouldn’t want a clearly emotionally unstable proponent of “shoot first and don’t ask no questions” hanging around the office being rejected for dates by Gaetz’s staff of almost legal female interns? I can’t imagine the tension when Sadie Hawkins day brings no offers.

Kyle’s got the bona-fides to be a successful Republican congress critter. He knows how to beat a rap. He’s adept at overstating his qualifications and he’s completely delusional about his self-worth and importance. Of course, the republican hierarchy have helped a lot with his world view by blowing smoke up his skirt about the importance of his act of murder in Kenosha. Unfortunately, Kyle has taken their praise and attempted to market it in a video game that would allow players “to shoot fake news turkeys.”

The Republican party adding the normalization of murder, and insurrection to their old standards of graft and corruption. Same as it ever was.

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