The Trump Trance

Let me begin by saying I love Zombies. I will watch or read anything Zombie related. In fact, I love listening to The Zombies, “Tell Her No” is one of my favorites.

“Tell Her No”, might be a kind of, sort of segue into talking about the Donald’s recent polling. Maybe if the Donald had learned to “Tell Her No” when all of those women were throwing themselves at him, forcing him to abuse and violate them, the Donald might be winning in the polls. Instead, he is speaking to less and less people at his rallies. It seems that some of his dedicated followers have become shamed by the effects of his actions. Children in cages is never a good look, even if they are brown. Some of the most ardent Republican party-liners are holding their nose and crossing party divides in search of a better candidate / human being.

But what about the remaining followers, his base? Who are these Zombies that will follow the Donald over the cliff in the blind pursuit of “making America great again, again”? Well, first off, they are people who believe facts will never “trump” their firm convictions. Absolutely no evidence can dissuade the Donald’s supporters that we are not headed to Hell in a hand basket, and that only the Donald can save us. After all, He, the Donald said, “I alone can fix it”.

No evidence can be brought forward that will convince these Zombies that Obama was a good President. Pointing out to Trump supporters that Obama did a great job, in spite of a completely dysfunctional Congress’ lack of support, is like waving a bucket of brains in front of a Zombie. It sends them into a frenzy. The Zombies reaction to a black president is almost as strong as it is to the thought of a woman President. Why? What is this broken portion of the brain that no longer responds to reason or reality?

I’ve come to believe that the Donald has figured out a viable subliminal message system and is using it to disconnect the frontal lobes of his followers. Just like the movie theaters used to do by flashing pictures of popcorn and candy to entice the audience to the concession stand, the Donald is showing imagery of evil immigrants of every color and religious persuasion to cause his Zombies to salivate for their blood.

I don’t think the Donald’s skilled oratory can explain the trance like state of his followers. Even when rousing the rabble with exultations from the podium like, “I will build a great wall–and nobody builds walls better than me, believe me–and I’ll build them very inexpensively. I will build a great, great wall on our southern border, and I will make Mexico pay for that wall. Mark my words.”  I feel like the audience’s reactions are less about the words than some complete loss of cognition, or, susceptibility to the subliminal messaging.

Perhaps the Donald’s participation in politics is all about Beta testing his next world-wide scam, the “Trump Trance”. I can envision the whole program unfurling before an unsuspecting universe. The program would only be found in the gift shops of Trump hotels and taught by certified Trump instructors. The advertising just writes itself:

“Book your next management seminar event at a Trump Hotel and receive one complementary “Trump Trance” program. “Trump Trance”, guaranteed to get your employees thinking just the way you want them to. Professional discounts available to autocratic dictators”.

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