Trusting The Nobles

Turns out the “poncey” class in Great Britain didn’t realize that a third of their wealth was going to be washed away by their xenophobic vote to leave the European Union. It’s a shame that the English people have been led astray by their nobility for so long. It seems like after a few hundred years you’d get past the idea that the monarchy has your best interests at heart.

Anglophile Americans have been a curiosity to me for a long time. I clearly remember my American history lessons about the Revolutionary War and the return bout in 1812. Since reading the stories, I’ve held the sanctity of American heroes like Washington, Henry, Revere, and others close to my heart and mind. These men were beacons of freedom that shone the light on the disgraceful colonization practices of the monarchy. The American patriots were prepared to “give me freedom or give me death” in their quest to be free of the yoke of the British monarchy. Clearly, they hadn’t seen the Netflix series “The Crown.”

Before we get into a conversation of “that was then and this is now,” let’s discuss the possibility that America lost the Revolution. In the course of the last 246 years do we think the Monarchy would have displayed their benevolence by granting the Americas their freedom? What example could one cite of the country that is currently free that gained their independence from England without a fight? Furthermore, would an enslaved America been able to come to the rescue of the Monarchy in two World Wars? There is a strong possibility that we would all be speaking German now if not for our brave Revolutionary heroes.

It’s hard to realize when you’re at the top of an empire on which the sun never sets that the best thing for your longevity might be strong independent Allies and not colonies, but the Monarchy has never been accused of being the sharpest knives in the drawer. Centuries of in-breeding will do that. Close control of the gene pool allows for fascinating examples of natural selection like hemophilia and the occasional tragedies like Elizabeth’s cousins. While it’s true that the hoi polloi should only concern themselves with the royals that are in the direct line of ascension, it is interesting to note what a drain on the country’s resources the extended family requires. In March of 2019, the Sovereign Grant Reserve amounted to £44.4 million a year. Not bad work if you can get it, but I hear you have to be born to it.

On a related note(s), come we now to the kerfuffle caused by young Harry, third in line of succession, to attempt to alter the gene pool a bit. He and his poor wife Meghan were so outraged by their treatment by the Monarchy that they decided to leave the royals behind and hide in obscurity in Hollywood where they will be photographed every time they change their shoes and forced to create documentaries for Netflix. I guess the point here is that they wanted to shape their story rather than adhere to the one doled out by the royal family. The question becomes, how do you continue to live like a royal when you’ve cut ties with granny? Netflix specials, that’s how!

I don’t wish them ill; I wish them obscurity. I wish all of them obscurity. Like the horse and buggy, their time has passed. In modern times it might be fun to take the occasional horse and buggy ride, but let’s not keep them as our primary source of transportation because of tradition. Move on. Charles has the ability to dissolve the royal family and release all of the existing colonies to self- determination. Do it. It’s certainly worked for Ireland, or at least most of it. Looks like Scotland has finally got a clue. “The Crown” portrays Charles as an enlightened thinker, time to prove it.

I’m in favor of England, like the cheese, standing alone. We’ll see how it goes.

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