Ignore My Words

What will life be like after the election? News agencies, comedians, journalists, bloggers, et. al, will have to find something other than report on what the Donald said or did that day. I hope, I pray. Please dear Lord.

It’s hard to attribute the quote “any publicity is good publicity”, but the Donald is busily disproving it. Oscar Wilde said, There is only one thing worse than being talked about and that is NOT being talked about.”  I’m pretty sure that the Donald has lived his life believing the sentiments behind the quote.

The general public is now confronted with news that the Donald raped a woman, defamed her when confronted with the accusation and then decided to have the American taxpayer pay for his defense. The judge has just ruled that the Donald was not acting in his presidential capacity when he slandered the woman and that the case should go ahead. I wonder if the defense “she’s not my type” will stand up to the DNA evidence provided by the victim.

Like the Access Hollywood video tape, it is the “seeing is believing”, that allows the viewer an insight into the deepest and darkest Donald. The tape reveals the Donald’s attempts to woo a married woman while he himself was married. The admission of attempted adultery is almost as shocking as finding out that “if you’re a star”, you don’t have to shake hands with women, you can be much, much more intimate on your first encounter. Things are very very different in Trump World.

“Nobody respects women more than I do”, “No one has done more for black people than I have“, hyperbole, hyperbole, hyperbole. After four years of the exhausting exaggeration of his “accomplishments” and the minimizing of his failures (225,000 dead due to the mishandling of the Covid19 virus), the Donald expects the American people to continue to follow along like lemmings. The Donald and his surrogates are hitting the campaign trail hard clarifying to the public that what the Donald meant to say was not what he said and that what he did was someone else’s fault. Just give him 4, 8, 12 more years, he promises to get it right.

As exhausting as the Donald is for us, can you imagine how he is perceived by the rest of the world? Can you imagine negotiating a peace treaty with the Donald? When the Donald says “ceasefire” he really meant to say “thermonuclear war”. It would certainly be hard for the Donald’s surrogates to clear that one up. How can anyone ignore the difference between what comes out of the Donald’s mouth and what he supposedly was thinking? When did Aphasia/dementia become a qualification for being President?

Since many of the Donald’s most ardent supporters are of the evangelical bent, I’d like to relay a scenario that I feel very closely defines the Donald’s current situation. Two Corinthians walk into a bar, the first looks at the second and says, “Do you remember Matthew 26:52: ‘Then said Jesus unto him, Put up again thy sword into his place: for all they that take the sword shall perish with the sword’?”

Demanding that every thought birthed in the brain of the Donald has the right to be shared with the world via Twitter has the equal balance that every foul up, screw up, misdeed also has to be shared. Those that live by the sword shall die by the sword as it says in the scripture.

I’m looking forward to a president that doesn’t see the Ten Commandments as a “things to do” list. Vote early!

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