Donald, Donald, Donald

Sadly, the Donald is still in the news. The Donald has developed his own “twitter” to continue displaying his total ignorance and/or lack of regard for the Constitution. I can’t take credit for using the low hanging fruit analogy when talking about the Donald. As both Jon Stewart and David Letterman decided to retire at the same time that the Donald announced his candidacy, both comics bemoaned the timing of their decisions. They both knew that their nightly routines would be pre-written for them by the dumb stuff the Donald was going to do. Let me reinforce, the Donald does not disappoint unless you’re talking about being guaranteed your Constitutional rights and the promise of a democracy.

Let’s discuss the right to assemble and the right of free speech. Now the Founding Fathers, whom the Repubs seem to hold in such high regard, held the right of free speech and the right to assemble so highly themselves that they put them right there in the First Amendment. Numero Uno, right up there with “thou shalt not kill” of Commandment fame. The current core of the Republican party believe First Amendment rights are only important if it’s the Donald’s speech. The First Amendment does not apply if your free speech and your right to assemble are used to heckle the Donald. In fact, the Donald might be obliged to encourage the crowd to rough up” a person who would dare interrupt the Donald. Speaking out against the Donald will get even a congressperson roughed up

To be fair, like all megalomaniacs before him, the Donald expects everyone in the crowd to hang on his every word, drawing from his flower the nectar of their existence. If the gift of the Donald is not appreciated, it is perfectly understandable by the Donald if the group collective wants to use force to oust the unappreciative. I won’t be obvious by playing the “H” card here, but let’s just say we have history with this type of behavior from a charismatic orator.

Let’s talk immigration which is in the biggest mess it’s ever been in thanks to the Donald’s xenophobia and desire to be the “cool guy” to the Klan. Build a wall, build a wall, and oh by the way, could we track all of the Muslims? Equally important as tracking the Muslims is losing track of the parents and children separated at the border. His human rights violations have ironically provided a Thundershirt for the Donald.

No, really, it’s the only way the Donald can get himself to sleep at night. First his hot bath, and then, being dressed in his sleepers with feet and a trap door in the back for convenience, he is served his warm Ovaltine. With covers pulled up tightly under his chin, the Donald is then ready to be read his favorite bedtime story, “Trump Is A Giant Peach”, which details the pain suffered by others due to the Donald’s time in the Oval Office. Only after the detailed reading of the activities of each and every human rights violation have been read to the Donald can he sleep peacefully. It sounds like a long, long night for the reader of the night time story, famed broadcaster, Garrison Keillor.

Facebook did the right thing this week and continued the Trump ban. It was EXTREMELY painful for the arbiter of free speech that allows billions of people to babble tirelessly on any topic. The Facebook board seemed to draw the line at the violent overthrow of our country. There were probably actuarials in the room calculating the present loss of income compared to the future loss of income when a dictator decided he didn’t need to pay for your services anymore.

For those of us being diagnosed as having Trump Derangement Syndrome, I can’t tell you how calming the first one hundred days of Biden’s administration have been. Statistics bear out that misinformation has declined on the internet by 73% since the banning of the Donald. Isn’t accurate information delivered to us in a calm manner something we should all demand from our elected officials?

So, I’ve given the Donald a social media bump this week by exposing him to the expanse of my wide readership. Like I said, sometimes you have to pick the low hanging fruit.

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